Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Jump

Jaggu was at the end of the cliff, ready to jump off. He looked around at the beautiful world, God had created. He thanked God for giving him this life. He looked down. 500 feet was all water. A fall meant certain death. The thought of death rewound his life like a movie. Classmates, girlfriends, parents, wife, kid flashed in the water below. He closed his eyes. He decided not to go back.

Jaggu heard a loud whistle. It was time to jump. And he did. Jaggu saw the water becoming clearer. Underneath the water, he clearly saw the rocks that would crush his skull and ribs. He shouted loudly. Suddenly there was a jerk and he saw he was approaching the cliff and not the water. The bunjee thread tied to his legs had done its job. It had pulled him back.

After some oscillation, jaggu slowly landed into the boat below. As he reached the river bank, he thanked God for this amazing experience of Bunjee jumping and hugged his wife and kid.

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Prompt - Jump

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Karan said...

Nice narration