Thursday, March 23, 2006

Remember them

Many of us don’t remember today as we do remember Oct 2nd or Nov 14th or Feb 14th.
This day in 1931, 3 young freedom fighters were killed by the then Indian rulers, the British. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were killed for fighting for freedom. There have been films which are dedicated for these three heroes. But not a single Indian website or a news channel does a capsule on the great heroes of India today. That’s the sad part.
I am a great fan of these revolutionaries.
Thanks guys for your struggle...Hats off to you.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kiss the path!!!

What a romantic statement for one of the most unromantic incidents!!

I was on a (s)hopping spree with my family in Gandhi bazar. It was getting a bit late for other appointments that were to follow the shopping. As the family decided to sip a hot cup of tea, I thought I will get my car from a far of parking space to save some walking time. I started running on the footpath. Just to mention the footpath was like Aishwarya Rai's figure...smooth skin with proper curves :-)) As I ran down, one of my foot got caught in the curve and I was down on my knees and hands (just like a dog!!!). This was when the (un)romantic incident could have happened. I think I kissed the path!!! But unlike many who shy away when they fall in public place..I turned around saw if my legs were ok and continued my run towards the car. I got to know later that my mom was in tears seeing her old(!!) son fall and there were others who commented "bidru style hodithane nodu".

I now realize that I am lucky to get out injury free from the incident especially because of the dangerous curves around the place.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

How am I?

I believe in the concept that a person is made of his circumstances and envoirnment. But 2 people grown up in the same envoirnment and circumstances, can still be different. Theres that element of brain (from inheritance or whatever) which has an effect. Thats the main reason why we are the way we are!! But how are we?

A friend of mine introduced me to this peculiar site. It's one of the several sites which tries to access what kind person you are by asking a set of questions. I generally dont believe in these things as it has no influence on my behaviour. But still i went through the exercise of knowing myself. The results are here. Lots of this did make sense to me.

Mouse over any part of the strip to learn more about the traits that the colors represent.

What I liked about the questions is the way they are modelled. The graphics of the bucket, quadrant and slider are very good. This UI concept can be used in several places. These could attract users to the survey which would have been rather boring if it was multiple choice or rating kind of survey.

If you have 15-20 mins to spare...enjoy this survey, but dont take it to head. You can also ask your close friends to rate you on the survey to get a different perspective.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Battle is on...

I successfully tried to blog from a web word processing tool in November 2005. It was ‘Writely’. I was impressed by the tool and thought that Google would come up with such a tool shortly. Now in March 2006, Writely is in news - Google has bought Writely. This could be one of the path breaking acquisitions and a clear signal to Microsoft that Google cannot wait longer to hit MS hard. But having known MS for its shrewd tactics...the battle is not going to be easy. Microsoft has released its MSN earth in competition to Google earth. Wondering if MS would really come up with free web office to tackle Google...or can really Google wins the Office market by online tools like Writely.

Interesting consolidations via acquisitions in software industry keep everybody on their toes. It’s boom time for analysts, who can debate for ever on the possible scenarios and tactics.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am a student

It was the first time that I got caught by the police in my car. I was moving towards corporation in front of town-hall. It is one of the weirdest one-way roads of Bangalore. Only BMTC buses are allowed on that road. I was driving behind a BMTC bus and did not notice any one-way board. The police standing next to the bus-stop waved at me to stop. Scared that I did not have any car documents with me, I got down. The constable spoke in broken English...letting me know that I was in the wrong way of the road. Then I used my Kannada and told him that I was not aware of such a thing and followed the bus.

After checking my DL, he opened a book and asked if I would pay the fine of Rs400 in court or on the spot there. Luckily I did not have great money in my purse. As I tried to explain that I do not have cash on me, the constable let a lifeline...He asked "Are you a student?"...I was taken aback for a moment and said "Yes". I am still figuring in what angle did I look like...Was it my dressing? Was it my hairstyle? Anyway it doesn't matter if I look young!!!!
The constable asked for 50Rs...And I really bribed without thinking. It is a mistake which I did not think there...but realized now. Still repenting!!!