Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change in mindset

Watch this beautiful song...This song was the year's number 1 song when it was released some years ago(1996, i think). I remember watching this song many times in my hostel TV room.

Mustafa Mustafa from "Kaadhal Desham" Music by AR Rehman

Those were the days when friendship was friendship...period...This was actually treated like some sort of anthem for "Friendship".

Some of my friends watched this song now. And they thought that this was not a normal song.
If you watch this song today...i know what you think...
Friendship is "Love"!!!
Blame it on awareness, blame it on media, blame it on western culture or blame it on supreme court! 
But we somewhere lost our intimate friendship!
Weird heads!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A story with no ending!

Here is a story about a lady who led a life in her own style. I thought a lot on what should be the name of this short story...Finally presenting you -
She was born to a mother who saw her only for a minute. Mother died during her birth. Father got her married to a boy at the age of 8. She remembers that she wore a sari for her wedding. The groom was rich and cultured and was 19 at the time of marriage. A big joint family welcomed her. She played her days to adulthood with the kids of the household and neighbors without even realizing the concept of Marriage. She never went to school nor did she attempt to read and write. Father died when she was 14. She was not mature to understand that she was now an orphan baby in the hands of her husband & his family. Life went on for her.
Hubby ran a hotel in the city. Wife was left in the village house 300 kms away. He visited her twice a year. Hubby's father was a angry dominating man. He ran the house and the agriculture business at the village. She feared him. She learnt cooking from hubby's grandmom who was her best friend and infact her unseen mom. At 15, she became a mother. Unknowingly an additional responsibility fell on her tender laps. The baby boy was a boon for her. She realized slowly that she was the mother and not just a friend to her son to play with. She had no idea that baby delivery had to happen in mother's place and not at husband's place. It would not matter because she did not have a mother's place nor any siblings who cared. 
Sooner than expected, she had delivered 6 children. During this time, hubby's father died, hubby grandmom fell terminally ill and bedridden. Hubby decided to handover the hotel business to his cousins and came back to the village to take care of the aging and dying grandma. Eventually death caught up. Grandma died. That was the first time she had seen death at close quarters. She was shattered. The lady with whom, she could share everything is no longer there. Grandma was everything for her. The old lady had taught her life, had explained adulthood, had pulled out her children from her tummy, had bathed the children, had combed her hair, had wiped the tears when in pain, shared jokes etc etc. The void would never be filled.  Grandma remained in her heart and on the wall of the house.
But the children and the attention that they needed diverted her attention back to life. Children went to school. She immersed herself in household affairs. Never ever bothered to check whats happening outside her small world of her house. She did not know what was her hubby doing with the money he earned from agriculture. She was happy and content. She believed in her husband. And husband never ill-treated her. The love and respect was immense and mutual.
Her 3 sons went out of the village for earning bread. They started hotel\bakery business and grew rich. Father provided some financial support for the setup. She was happy to see her sons prosper. She was also concerned about her 3 daughters marriage. She dearly missed her husband during the days when he was in running a hotel in city. Those were the days, she wanted her husband with her. She told her husband that her daughters should not suffer the same fate. She wanted the daughters to marry officials and not businessmen. Finally her wish was fulfilled. All 3 daughters were married off to govt officials and were happy in the city. Sons also stayed in the city. She had turned 50+ then.
For her - Grandma was now a sweet long cherishing dream. Death had taught her to back her strengths. She used everything that she learned from grandma. Children were an inspiration.
They were alone now in the village. Husband and wife. It was almost a retired life. Part time agriculture. But major time was free-time. She realized that husband she had was an asset. He had all the good characteristics of his grandma. He took good care of her. They fell in love with each other again. Yes it happened. Occasionally they visited their children in the city and the children them in the village. Never did husband and wife go separately out of station. It was two or none.
Summer time was the time she enjoyed most. It was a full house when the children and grandchildren visited them. She tirelessly worked in kitchen cooking delicious sweets for the children and took time to play with grandchildren. Infact she longed for somebody visiting her home.
It was indeed a happy life!
-----> Interval <------
She will continue!

I did vote!

From Different angle!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My prediction of the verdict

This blog is scheduled for publishing after the elections. I am writing this on 27th, the day before BBMP elections. Not sure if the constitution and judiciary will allow publishing of "opinion polls" before elections.

My prediction is

BJP will win 100-105 seats
JDS will win  8-15 seats
Congress will win 65-70 seats

Independents - 5-8 seats

BJP will win my constituency (161, Hosakerehalli).

Not really sure if, I want my prediction to be correct!

Friday, March 26, 2010

When TAKING is greater than GIVING!

How has the society changed over the years?

25 yrs ago  - when I moved to my home in a village of Bangalore, the area was full of greenery and less of concrete. There were fields where they grew vegetables, coconut, ragi. The fields were grazed by cattle, sheep etc. There was a man who used to supply us fresh cow milk. (our milkman in short). He grew vegetables in his fields. Some days he used to give us vegetables grown in his field for free. He also gave this to our neighbor though our neighbor was not his customer. The milkman was taking PRIDE in GIVING it FREE
Now - there is a small market where some vendors sell the vegetables in the evenings. As it is close to bus-stand, the business is brisk. The vegetable vendors are not very rich vendors. They do not have stalls...the sell vegetables on the cycles or on the footpath. 

The milkman is dead. His son converted all his fields into plots\sites and made a hell lot of money. He is a rich spoilt brat and is a semi-don(you know what i mean right!) in my area. This guy comes in his car, stops it in front of these vendors, asks them for vegetables (from his car, without getting down or turning off his blazing radio). The vendors pack the vegetables and go to the car for delivery. He does not offer money nor the vendor dares to ask money. The milkman's son is taking PRIDE in TAKING it FREE.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

whom to vote?

The Dday is fast approaching. March 28. People of the city will decide what will decide the fate of the BBMP candidates and in-turn decide the fate of the beautiful city called Bengaluru.

There are 4 important candidates in my constituency. There are a lot more i suppose.
3 from the major 3 parties. 1 independent.

I know one candidate since I was a kid. It looks like, this is his problem. I know him so well that I know his weaknesses. And this is overwhelming reason not to vote for him.

Then there is another candidate known in my locality as a good guy. He is not so rich. I know a little about him. But he is representing a party which I hate.  I am also pretty sure that he will not win. So my vote may go waste, if i press the button against his name.

The last party candidate is also known to be a good person. Reports say that he has done lot of good work for his village. But he is in the constituency since 6 months only. So does not know much about the problems. He is filthy rich and I am skeptical about his visions (please note - there are also rumors that he owns a good number of bars and that's his main source of income).

I don't know much about the latter two, apart from what people and news reports say.

Lets come to the independent candidate.
Being an independent - He is a sure shot looser. Tragic. He is one who has a good vision. My father has worked with him at an association of local residents.

He has taken some initiatives to get traffic signals, new buses to the constituency. He is good but parties did not give him ticket. He can't spend money like how the others and so cant reach the masses.So my vote to him would be a waste.

Knowing a person well can be bad and\or useless. Hmm!

Is an unknown friend better than a known enemy? or vice-versa?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Campaign techniques for BBMP election

This election has been one where innovative campaigning is the flavor.
Some interesting ones here (without party names)

Gift for Ugadi
Did you expect saree, dhothi etc? They were there. But there was also a gift pack containing a kg of rice, dal, jaggery and oil. For the day after Ugadi (where some consume non-veg), people were given mutton. Live sheeps were also distributed for slaughter.

Respect - Candidates knock your door with their supporters. They fall at the feet of elderly people. Flat. Good exercise isn't it? Believe me, there are some oldies who fall for this fake respect.

Green campaign - People are gifted 2-3 saplings to plant. Lets make Bangalore green. But where to plant the saplings?

Cool drinks
Candidates distribute cool ayurvedic drinks (kashaya) in the parks where people do their early morning walks. It's hot outside and cool drinks (not the pesticide-wala) are welcome.
I have also seen parties distributing tender coconut water in signals. Message - See our greenery is vanishing, so temperatures are increasing, vote for us to see the garden city green. Amazing!

Water - Truck loads of water are being distributed to small colonies. Look what your party has done. We need to supply water. Vote us and you will have 24hr water at your doorstep.

Clean the area - Candidates and supporters sweep the roads, collect garbage in trucks. Again the message is - If you want such facility, vote for me.

Street dramas
- Showing the plight of people under the current govt. And how the candidate can help solve the problems. Worth a watch - Lasts 15 mins.

Role plays - Autos with mikes play role plays (is the sentence correct?).
Guy1 - Hey, you look so sick? What happened?
Guy2 - I am having fever since 3 days?
Guy1 - Dint you go to doctor?
Guy2 - I cant afford it. And the govt hospital is in city market. How can I go there?
Vote for xyz to get hospitals at your locality.

Wondering what more can be seen....Today is Rama navami and bounty to fall on the laps of voters!

Friday, March 19, 2010

BBMP elections is here

Finally finally, there's going to be elections for Bengaluru corporation. After n number of years, n number of court cases, n number of reservation lists - we finally have a date when we need to get our nails painted. Its one great thing to happen. Happy for it. Kudos to the court for forcing the issue on the govt. Without the court order, govt would have postponed the election at-least by 8-10 months. By April 3rd we will have our corporators on the BBMP office.

Like every election, there are several burning issues to be addressed...Several more creep-up in every election.

Just some random thoughts on the BBMP election..

New constituencies
As Bengaluru grew, it was prudent to think of splitting the city into smaller chunks. So there are new constituencies. My previous constituency - Padmanabhanagar is split into 4 now. This has thrown up a new issue. Residents do not know which constituency they belong to. Hence they do not know who their candidate is. With no postures, paper hangings, less than 15 days of campaigning...its getting hard for the candidates and the residents to know each other. Not enough is done by govt, EC or whoever to educate the people.

Rich candidates want to be richer
Over the past 3 years, the city has made several people rich. No, its not because of the IT or BT sector. Its because of the real estate value. I can see this close to my place. People owned acres of farmland, used for cattle feeds, vegetables, ragi crops etc. These guys converted all their land into sites...and sold it at unimaginable prices making them rich instantly. Crime over land increased (my area has seen at-least 3 murders related to real estate). Lavish black money brought or bought charisma to land owners. Richness increased hunger for power & power kicked in the greediness to generate more money. Vicisous circle of power. These rich guys fund parties and hence are the candidates for this election. Will the rich politicians feel the pulse of the poor?

Lack of vision
Every candidate should give out a manifesto or a vision statement on how he would develop the constituency. Its really pathetic to hear candidates still talking about water, sewage, power. 60 yrs and still struggling with basic stuff. I don't' say that the real estate guys are not intelligent enough to have a vision. Their intelligence is just blinded by one vision - Money making!! Somebody needs to tell them that their land value would increase if there is all round development of the constituency.

Bribe for votes - Corrupt voters
I am not a preacher of anti-corruption. I have myself paid bribe to police at-least on one occasion. (Sometimes, I am silly to even boast of it as an achievement..Find it sic after doing it though). If the voters are corrupt, we just cant expect a non-corrupt candidate. My point to the voters is - Be corrupt but use your brain when you vote. Accept bribes from every candidate who tries to bribe. Vote for the one who you think is best. More often, it turns out that the highest bribe giver will get the votes. This is sad. In my area, there were already Ugadi bribes in kind. One party distributed dal, oil, jaggery, rice and other party distributed mutton the day after Ugadi! That is the last freebie voters would get until the next don't hesitate to accept it.

Budget of Bangalore
How the budget for Bangalore distributed to constituency? This is not clear atall. Is it based on the development levels of constituency? Population? Growth prospects? number of malls in the area? Political clout of the candidate? I feel the last one has the major impact...So its even more critical to vote for the right candidate who has the vision and clout\backing to achieve the vision.

Sorry feeling that I do not have a magic wand to fix all the issues!
But vote..and consciously!

My other blogs on elections.
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No doubt, I am a big fan of the Indian election drama!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to serious Astrology Business - Part 2

Now that I have some partners in this business, I will elaborate further on the business agenda.
Why software Engineers in this business ?
To bring in some "trust", we need to be more intelligent. So we have the software guys. (Did not mean that they are more intelligent) Their job is to do "Text Analysis" on some data and "create Mash-ups of phrases".

Bit more explanation -
Person creates an account on our portal. Mandatory fields are birth star, DOB, his twitter account, blog URL, facebook profile, marital status(yes this damn important). Optional fields - Where he\she stays, link to financial portfolio, 3 months bank account statement.
The super intelligent software of our company will do text analysis of his tweets, facebook, blog and gauge his mood. Then use the best of breed, home developed mash-up software to create sentences from a set of phrases (which are already in our database) . This is not easy stuff. We need to be in CONTEXT. We need to analyze the mood, his financial statement, his spouse\girlfriends\boyfriend mood, his friend's network, his future plans, probably favorite color, traffic in his location etc etc…oh oh…its too complex. Agree?? Don’t worry software can do this.

Our mash-up software is in close integration with the "Text Analysis" software.
Let me give some sample phrases for out mash-up software.

Preset of words and phrases

Look at the possible mash-up (of-course based on the mood analysis done by the text analysis software).
  • Invest in land, may be loss
  • Loss from share
  • Disaster from friend
  • Disaster from Boss
  • Loss of Boss ;-)
  • Job loss.
  • Will have accident.
  • Boss will have accident.
Then we have a website where people can join and check their future.
Have a trial period of 1 day and then its pay per prediction. Everyday his future is predicted.

So we have CLEAR future.
Lets celebrate TODAY for this great Business venture.
You never know what happens TOMORROW ;-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why new template?

Let me start with a question..
Whats the oldest animal on mother earth? Hold on and read through for the answer.

I changed my blog layout. Not because the old one was boring. Because I wanted to change. Why? Actually no specific reason, but after changing the layout I can find some reasons ;-)
Reason No 1
My wife's favorite colors are black and white(not in the same order I suppose). My blog is also black and white, as per her liking. Though, I doubt if she likes my profile photo in B and W.
Reason No 2
I recently spoke and saw a specially challenged person using his computer. He has a problem with viewing colors. So he has set his monitor in black and white mode (don't know how to do it). As I realized his pain, I decided to have my blog in "Black and white". Though I am kind of sure that he may not read my blog.

Did you get the answer to the question at the start of the blog? Answer to the question - Zebra. Guess Why? Read on!

Reason No 3
Google came up with a "Blogger Template Designer" which is easy to use. It is used to organize the blog template. I have just used one of the already available backgrounds for an already existing page. I liked it and chose it. Due credit to the designers at the bottom of the page. 
Reason No 4
The picture somehow indicates my blog. Like the pigeons in the background, my thoughts are flying around. The thoughts are not always clear. A bit hazy, as in the picture. And more often, they are not colorful either.
Whatever be the reason, I will keep this template for this year. Next year - it could be different. 
Reason for Zebra - The old animal is still in "Black and White".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why do you loose hair as you age?

Everybody knows why hair exists on the head (at-least for some). Beauty, fashion, protection of skull, protection from heat etc etc. But have you realized that there are economics behind our beautiful hair. (I can hear some baldy's envious grunt. For them - don't worry  - you have won the race, eventually we slow guys will catch up with you on the baldness, as we age.)
After a period of short hair, I have now decided to have longer hairs till the next visit to the hairdresser. The visit is planned only after 4-5 weeks. Lets see if the plan succeeds.
Today morning during the bath, I realized that there is some economical aspects of hair which is generally ignored. Lets see if they make sense.

Having short hair always would mean - more visits to hair dresser. Hence more money and time spent at the saloon. Today hair cut is anything between 40 to 400 bucks depending on the saloon you go.
Added to this - When you are waiting for your chance to get a cut, you start reading some magazine. When you are half way through an article, your chance for the cut arrives. Generally after the cut, you don't tend to continue reading there. As the article is interesting you may buy the magazine later, which otherwise you would not. Another 20 bucks gone.

But there are cost advantages which is generally ignored. Amount of water and amount of shampoo that is needed to wash smaller hairs is less. This directly adds to your savings. The time taken for the bath is also considerably less. Probably this time saving compensates for the waiting time in the saloon. If you oil your hair, then you also realize that the amount of oil needed is also less. If you are one of those who color or dye your hair, the consumption of the color is again less. If you use hair drier, then the time to dry and hence power consumption is lesser.

I cant check if the the savings mentioned above can compensate to the extra expenditure at the saloon. Probably yes!

On the contrary, having long hairs means exactly the opposite. Savings on saloon expenditure. But increase in all other expenses - water, oil, shampoo, power consumption, soap, dye, time to wash, time to dry. In fact having long hairs is anti-sustainability. You consume more natural resources. During rainy and winter season, long hairs don't dry early. Hence you may catch a cold. Hence you visit doc and take medicines.  Hence added expenditure, tension, a day off from work (probably you could have used the vacation in a better way). Long hairs implies more oil. And if you sleep with oil on, you have dirty bedspreads => frequent washes => more water => more detergent => more expenditure.

Again, I cant check if the the extra cost can compensate for the savings (by not visiting the hair dresser) . Probably yes!
But either case, there is an expenditure because of hair. Sad.

As you old, generally your income decreases. You retire and live on your savings of life or on pension money. Each paisa is important. And a paisa saved is actually a paisa earned.
Nature solves one of the problems as you old. All the problems mentioned above is there only if you have hair. Hence nature takes away your hair making you bald.
Ooh! what an eye-opener!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missed the bus - Don’t worry

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Both are shy to confess to each other.
Fear of rejection. Fear of compatibility. Fear of acceptance of families.
Psychological barrier - Why should I confess first? The reply is - the cycle of fear (mentioned above).
Then one of them are married in an arranged marriage plot. Both will never know that there was a love lost.
Hmm! Sounds familiar?

Now look at the "Love Guru (LG)" side of the story.
The boy has confessed his love to LG. Girl has confessed his love to LG.
LG tries to convince the boy that the girl is is love with you…please proceed with the proposal. Boy takes this lightly.
The same happens with the girl.
Sometime later LG gets 2 different wedding invitations…psssst.

So they missed the Bus.

What has fundamentally gone wrong here?
The art of COMMUNICATION or the lack of it.
Like love, love communication is also a mystery. Like Business communication, there needs to be special coaching\training\practice. Its not easy. Business is kind of predictable. Though there are variables, but many have conquered the measurement of these variables. There are mechanisms through which you can workaround the variables (bribes, budget, acquisition etc etc).
Love is different. Its complex. Its blind. What works for one, does not work for others. There's nothing called best practice or correct practice. Trials\Prototyping do not work out. If we are talking of boy-girl love, then the most complex thing is the girl's brain. Men can be decoded (to an extent). Women???

So what could work - "Just say it". If it doesn't work out - "Just say it again." What worse could happen? You miss the bus. But even without saying it - you would still miss the bus.

An advice for those who missed the bus -
There would be some bus coming for you. Probably a bit late…But there's something coming up. It could be the brand new volvo bus. Just hop on. And don’t ever try to remember the number of the bus you missed.

Enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Symbol art

By accident I hit upon a combination of brackets, plus, minus, line etc, which did not make mathematical sense.
Trying to make some faces of it now. Nothing new, but makes me happy.

Tilt your head to left, as if you will rest on your shoulder.
Warning - If you have neck pain, please turn your monitor to your right & understand the art.
   - |
    -- (
Ananda Bhashpa (Happy tears)
:   -- )
:  + ()
:  + )
    - (|)

Happy man
  + |)
Unhappy man
     - |(

Kuch bhi!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Answers - Identify the company from logo...

I had posted a contest some days ago. Shared it with some of my friends via email. Some got many of the companies right. Thanks to all who have put in the effort to interpret my words!

Its time for the answers now.

1. Two elephants make a ymm - ymm is M, did not want to put 'yum' & confuse it to some foody stuff.

2. Running Stallion
I started with Chemmanur but it could also be TVS.

3. 3 colorful nama - Observe the irony

4. Lions tail up

5. Pie with an eye

6. 4 rectangles and a square form a square??

7. Dicey three

8. The nandi heralds headlines

9. Fly around the globe

10. Eight about to fall

11. 3 roads or 2 roads?

12. Spicy rising sun

13. Infinity divided into two

Hope you enjoyed it.

Disclaimer - All logos are proprietary property of the respective companies. They are taken from the company website. Interpretation of the logo is purely for gaming purposes and does not carry any historical or logical relevance to the logos.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Motivation to exercise

My grandma is always amazed on why people go to gym. As a corollary she questions - Why do you hire a housemaid? Sweep the house. Mop it. Wash clothes. Wash vessels. The exercise is sufficient to make you stay fit. In-fact most of you would have heard this from somebody who is one generation above us. Isn't it true? Its lot of exercise for the lower back and the arms to do all the things mentioned above.

Having grown up with 2 sisters, I have to admit that I had very less chances of doing these. Remember, we are a male dominated society, where household chores are considered woman's job. The small time gap between my 2nd sister's marriage and my marriage provided a chance to for me to help my mom with the household chores. To be honest, I assisted only when my mom did not keep well. So rarely I used to get exercise for my lower back and arms ;-)

As we age, it is important to have some physical exercise and maintain good stamina. This is like those good things which are very good to be told & very boring to practice. If there should be a goal to achieve, then there's an effort to reach the goal. Without a goal(call it motivation), its hard to practice anything good. (Only the vices can be practiced effortlessly and it requires no motivation.) During my BSA Cylothon practice, I was very regular with cycling. During the preparation for marathon, I was very regular in running. Now there's no event and there's no exercise. Hmm..Something needs to be done..

Organize an event...Yeah its simple isn't it?

Or whats a better motivation than "Die healthy!"

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Identify the company from the logo descriptions

It was a dull day in cab. Newspaper was being devoured by my friend. Was in no mood to read as-well. Just then i hit upon this idea. Identify the company from the logo. Interesting! But I can't capture the logo in camera & from the moving bus. So I described the logos in cryptic words.

For all of my cab mates, they have an advantage - These companies\establishments are on the way. For the others, use your crossword skills, company knowledge and crack the puzzle.

Ready, Steady & Go!

1. two elephants make a ymm
2. Running Stallion
3. 3 colorful nama
4. Lions tail up
5. Pie with an eye
6. 4 rectangles and a square form a square??
7. Dicey three
8. The nandi heralds headlines
9. Fly around the globe
10. Eight about to fall
11. 3 roads or 2 roads?
12. spicy rising sun
13. Infinity divided into two

Answers will be posted in a separate blog some days later.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Power of twitter

Today 8:15pm I searched for the results of the Pak Vs Spain hockey match. The match got over at around 8 pm.
First I tried with Google.
The result comes from twitter search. Interesting.

On one hand, it shows how powerful is the search deal between twitter and google, but the most important thing is the responsiblity of twitters. When the reach is so good, its important to tweet correctly and responsibly.

Getting curious, I tried the same search on bing. No results from twitter. Interesting again!

Waiting for the result of the day - India beat Australia ;-) 
But have to wait till 10:15pm.

Signs of Tension

What do you do when you are tensed\worried? Some actions I noticed -
  • Remain silent
  • Bite finger nails or the fingers
  • Wipe your face with hands (especially the lower part of the face)
  • Cover your nose & open mouth with both hands
  • Move your hands across your hairline (as if you are combing your hair)
  • Rub your forehead with one hand
  • Scold somebody who can take it (parents & spouse are the soft targets - Never on managers and in-laws).
  • Sweat - unfortunately its an involuntary action
  • Rest your face on your hand(s).
  • Close eyes
  • Pray
  • Do multiple actions listed above
I know what you are doing now - Practicing some of the actions.
If you do anything else when you are tensed, let me know!