Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hate speech
Drove a wedge
Into the thinking hearts

The chief evaded media questioning

But buckled under peoples ballot mandate

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Change in equiments!

Image source -
LG is hosting an idea collection drive to improve their consumer durables. You can provide ideas on what you want as a feature in TV, computer screen, microwave oven, refrigerator, home theater, AC, washing machine and mobiles. This is a new concept which is adopted by several companies in recent times. You can provide your ideas here

Here are some ideas that I have submitted.

  • Washing machine - A machine which can hold the detergent and after wash powders. Depending on the load and the dirt level, the machine automatically picks up the required amount of washing powder and after wash substances (like blue, starch etc)
  • TV stand integrated with TV. The height of which should be adjustable. This helps me in watching the TV while sleeping on the floor without stressing\stretching my neck. We can also increase the height so that small kids do not fiddle with the TV.
  • Home theater that plays from songs in an USB memory stick.
  • Refrigerator with ice tray below and vegetable stand above. Typically the least used part of the fridge is the ice tray. The vegetable tray is the most used. And adults have to bend to get the tray out. This is very difficult for the elderly people. Kids would want their ice cream and ice at an accessible height. So place the ice tray at the bottom and the vegetable tray on the top.
    • As a corollary the fridge door needs to have 2 handles (one at the top and one at the bottom).
    • Handles should not be projecting out of the fridge (it should not be a hindrance when walking)
  • Refrigerator - Have the skin of the fridge changeable. This can be changed as per the user's choice of colors (perhaps fitting to the painting around it).
  • A weigh scale or a measurement instrument integrated with the oven. Many times, recipe says "take 200 gms of flour". How do I measure it?
  • A weigh scale (Fitness check instrument) below the fridge. Just pull from below the fridge and stand on it. It weighs and gives all other vital parameters of the body. Fridge is the apt instrument as it stores our daily food…The instrument can store the history readings to give some vital details.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Educate via Silence

Image source - Blog (Google image search)

Her silence in the evening
Is a sign of objection,
Educating me on time.

Prompt - Object, Silence, Educate

Friday, December 17, 2010

Useless Map

Image source - Google Image Search

Lost in the jungle
With a map in hand
Sweating with fear
As darkness arrives

Look at the guide
Worthless it seems
Shout to nobody's ears
A standstill life

Lacking the right compass
While in the forest
Shred the useless map
Aimlessly I continued my walk

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


‪Harry was rich. He was rich enough to have an early retirement at the age of 40. Harry’s business grew at a rate which he never foresaw. But he was not happy. He wanted to be a senator.‬

‪Harry leaned on his mentor, Sally for advice. “Make a movie. Get mass support for your thoughts via the movie. Then stand for elections”, came the advice.‬

‪So Harry made a movie. In the movie, he would help the poor and make them rich even at the expense of him becoming poor. The movie was a hit. His ideas and sympathies earned him publicity. “A successful first step”, he thought.‬

‪It was election time. Sally planned his campaign. They dabbled with new techniques of campaigning. Giving free tickets to his movie, hiring large screens in public places to screen the movie etc.‬

‪As part of the campaign, Harry had an open question and answer session with university students.  He expected some questions and had prepared with Sally for the answers for those questions.‬

‪“There are rumors that you want to become a senator to foster your business goals. What do you have to say?”‬

‪“I have earned enough to survive for my life. Even my next generation can survive with the money I have. I do not want any law change to earn more. If I wanted more money, I would invest into business and not in politics and people. It was my father’s dream that I become a senator. And I hope you will fulfill his wish by voting me.”‬

‪“What will you do for the state after you become Senator?”‬

‪“The state is poor. Infrastructure is pathetic. Drinking water is expensive. There are many homeless people. I want to change these. Everybody would get good affordable food in my state. There would be a roof under which you can lean. There will  be prosperity.”‬

"Sir, I have a question. You have lot of money to serve society and improve things. Why don't you spend and bring prosperity? You yourself do not want to be a senator. You are here to fulfill your dad's wish. Why should we vote you to fulfill your father's wish?"

Harry searched for an answer. But could not utter one.

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Test of patience

Image source

Title fight to start
Eager to reach stadium
Stuck hours in traffic
Test of patience passed

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Venus Fly Trap

Image source - Wikipedia

Venture into beauty
Eagerness to suck
Never suspecting treachery
Umbrella like view
Sight attracted insect

First compression started
Light became dark
Young limbs crushed

Trick successfully executed
Rare meal caught
Another amicable look
Ploy set again

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Judgement - Short story

The blast occurred at nightfall. Innocent little kid died. The peaceful city was shaken. People recollected the horrible deaths due to bomb blasts months ago. Safety norms were tightened.  The terrorist was captured.

Judge listened to the arguments.  Judgment was pronounced.  “Killing is crime. No man has the right to take another man's life. You have no right to kill the innocent kid. You are guilty. Likewise, I too do not have any rights to take your life. You will live in prison for rest of your life.”

The eyes of the mother of the dead kid were still not dry.

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Blogging - Acro

Cartoon By Dave Walker

Blurt out feelings
Let world know
Offer different perspectives
Gather others views
Garner new friends
Ignite new thoughts
Note memorable reminiscences
Gain by communicating
Somehow all lines of this Acro mean / indicate the same. Nothing new comes up in any line. Not good? Probably yes.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Eye - Acrostic Haiku

Image source - DigitalMission

Eyes hide ugly world
Yearn single penny
Express hunger by hand

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

SpongeBob - Acrostic

Super sea sponge
Pineapple his home
Octopus as enemy
Naughty friends galore
Gift kids love
Extremely energetic behavior
Bursts of laughter
On Nickelodeon channel
Best called SpongeBob

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The Mystery

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 17; the seventeenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Image source - InstaBlogImages
Incident 1 - Chai boy

I was stuck in a small village. The car had broken down. Saw the chai shop nearby and went straight in. The driver was fixing the car. I ordered for chai and sat next to a well dressed young guy. At some distance, on the ground, sat a guy with a glass next to him. The chai boy served him chai in that glass, which the man carried back with him. During the conversation with the guy next to me, I got to know that the person with his own glass was a dalit, an untouchable. And the guy next to me was from an upper caste.

That night, i stayed in the small town nearby to visit the famous monastery. I met the same two guys in a hotel. The dalit was a chai boy in the hotel. He served me and the upper caste guy, chai and food.

Incident 2 - Friday festival

At the customer factory, is a rather unique tradition. Every friday, after 5 pm there will be a prayer and pooja ceremony for the machines they use. Every week a new worker performs the pooja. I was told that this is predominantly a Hindu tradition. On the day Harris Thomas performed the pooja, he distributed cake as the so called prasad to everybody. Like every friday that day was no different.

Incident 3 - Launch

It was the most ambitious satellite project of India. The launch date was nearing and the satellite was to be mounted on the rocket. Sheik Aslam was the leader of the project. He was supervising the operations. Just before the automatic machine was to be switched on to take the satellite to the launch vehicle, Mr Aslam performed a traditional aarthi to the elephant God of Hindus. He sprinkled the holy water on all the scientists around him. As we all know today, the launch was successful.

Incident 4 - Village dargah

My driver asked for a day off. Balwinder Singh had been a good friend as he drove me through India. He said that he had to go to his village dargah to perform the annual tradition. Mr Singh's ancestors had settled in southern India because of trade prospects. As a family tradition, Balwinder's family was to present a new peacock feather to the muslim dargah on its annual day. I joined Mr Singh's family in the festivities. It was amazing to watch more Hindus than muslims in the dargah that day. Sikhs were in small numbers but respected well.

Klaus Sebastian closed his diary and pen, in the flight back to his home. His stay in India was incredible. He was determined to de mystify the mystery of castes and relgions in modern India, when he is back at home in Germany.

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Dubai - Acro

Dubai - Image from Europe Autos

Do not forget shopping
Under burning hot sun
Best sliding sand dunes
Absorb ocean into land  
Illustration of human creativity

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