Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where are you?

Just remembered an incident.. Happened with a friend of mine..

Mr A was planning to visit the house of Mr B.

A was new to the city. B had given sufficient instructions on the route to be taken.

A was on the way and got confused about the route told by B. He calls B and asks for clarification.

B: where are you man?
A: I don't know..lost my way.
B: is there a coffee day around or a Ganesh bakery or Tripthi bar?
A: No man..can't find any of them. I am standing in front of some stray tell me the route.
B: what...Hmm..and laughs..

A finally reached B's home, both laugh over a cup of coffee.


Sagar Mopagar said...

I am sure there's a point worth noting in this story that I am unable to figure out. What's it? I mean, when the lost friend explains his plight why does the other one laugh and how does the lost one finally manage to reach home?

Dev said...