Sunday, March 13, 2011

World of Bakras

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The shining Volkswagen Jetta stopped in front of the Jaggu's Dhaba. The new car with a Ganeshji's sticker caught the eyes of the Dhaba owner, Jaggu. He immediately dusted the tables and took away menu cards from the tables. Jaggu took special interest in serving the Jetta family. 40 minutes later as the family left the Dhaba, Jaggu smiled and thought - "what a fool, he paid Rs 30 for a roti which is actually Rs 15. Long live these rich Bakras."

Jaggu entered the village's cloth shop. Ramu kaka greeted him and showed Jaggu a host of new fashion dresses. Jaggu selected a garment for each of his 3 kids. As Ramu kaka packed the garments and Jaggu moved out of the small shop, a smile escaped Ramu kaka's lips - "what a fool, he paid Rs 200 for a dress worth Rs 150. Long live these rich Bakras."

Babu's day was coming to an end. His vegetable cart was almost empty when Ramu kaka approached him. Ramu kaka bought few of the vegetables and fruits. Babu was a happy man at the end of the day - "what a fool! He paid Rs 30 for a kilo of potato which is Rs 20. Long live these rich Bakras."

As a happy Babu moved his cart in the night, Karim came to him. The footpath vendor of plastic items said "This is the last piece of aeroplane I have. Take it to your son. He will like it." Babu was tempted and after a few more marketing statements, Karim had sold the plane to Babu. Karim was proud of his marketing skills. He thought "what a fool, he paid Rs 20 for a toy worth Rs 15. Long live the rich bakras."

Karim was in city to buy the new set of items for his footpath stall in the village. He went to big market stall. The shabby dress of Karim instantly indicated that he was a small village vendor. The market stall owner sold a lot of new plastic items and toys to Karim. After the billing, the market stall owner was a happy man. As Karim walked past his shining Volkswagen Jetta with Ganeshji's sticker, the owner smiled and thought - "what a fool these villagers are! He paid Rs 15 for a toy worth Rs 5..Long live these poor Bakras."


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Everyone is a Bakra is somebody's view...Enjoy life.

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