Friday, January 07, 2005

Human emotions

Scenario 1
A colleague of mine wanted to take the team laptop home for a day and prepare some documents. He had collected it from relevant department. The laptop was placed on his desk and he had gone to have some tea. A sudden work came up for me. I had to leave office but work from home. So I took the laptop and sent him a mail saying that I have the laptop. I left the place.
The guy comes, doesn't check the mail, thinks that the laptop is stolen and he is scared that it is lost. Starts enquiring the cost of the laptop etc. Basically he PANICS. Then he opens the mail and gets to know that the lap-top is safe. He is relieved. He is happy, calls me up and says THANKS (actually for stealing the laptop).

Scenario 2
I get a sudden work. He is in his seat. I go to him and ask for the laptop. He says that he cannot give it. I have not booked it...blah blah. Finally after lot of arguments he agrees to give. But he is UPSET.

What is the result in both the scenarios? I got the laptop. But see how the emotions of the guy were.
Isn’t it difficult to understand humans?!!

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