Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Worship place dressing

Jamshedpur girls can’t wear Jeans to Gurdwara. This rule has been enforced by the Central Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee. Interesting!

I knew a colleague who had once told me that she wears only salwar kameez or sari to temples. In fact she had an argument with one of her friends, because that friend wore jeans to Tirupati temple. She would be happy to see this news.

There are temples where males have to go topless. This is very strict in Kerala. In Kerala (atleast in Trivandrum’s famous temple) even a boy of age 4yrs cannot wear shorts inside the temple. My sister’s son experienced this. There are vendors outside who give small towels to wrap around. Men with trousers are a big NO. When having food in many temples men have to be topless (particularly if you are a Brahmin). I don’t know the logic of these, but we just follow it.
There is a “Dattathreya” temple near my house, where ladies have to sport bangles unless they are widows. This is the only restriction I have heard of among ladies.

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