Monday, September 19, 2005


This movie all about love and sacrifice. There is a couple who just hug and kiss for everything that happens on earth. They sing nice romantic songs. Inshort this is not my kind of movie. I knew all this, but still went to the movie. Why? Because it is a Nagathihalli Chandrashekar's movie. This director has given some remarkable movies including the huge hit "America America". But off-late Chandru does not seem to have any theme left in his mind other than love. His previous movie "Paris Pranaya" was love in europe.

Coming back to this movie...Amrutha and Purandara are happy lovers and couple. They quarrel for fun and patch up easily (by hugs and kisses). The husband wants to have his own house but Amrutha wants to roam around places, enjoy life and become a mom. The husband wins (thanks to mom-in-law) and builds a 1 crore house!!! Then comes the old twist in the tale. Amrutha has brain cancer and can live for 8 months only. Puru decides to take her out on an India tour for which he sells his house. On the way the couple meet Amitabh Bachan because he happens to be Amrutha's favourite actor. Amrutha dies on Puru's lap in front of the symbol of love...Taj Mahal. Now ask whats new in the movie...The answer is nothing.

Music is the only saviour for this boring movie. Mano Murthy's tunes are really hummable. Chandru's sense of humour is itself a comedy. Ramya and Dhyan are okish.
In the era of movies with foul language, blood shed...anything that does not have these gets good reviews by the so called family reviewers. But even good reviews can't help a storyless venture.

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