Friday, September 09, 2005

New Orleans Vs Mumbai

This is an email that is circulating a lot these days. What a stupid email this is!
I cannot resist putting up a comment on the email.

People are trying to compare a hurricane with rain. This is absolutely ridiculous.
No need of number comparisons.
It’s just the attitude and culture of people that has held Mumbai together...
its not a media reported classmate was on a double decker bus in Mumbai...with water till knees on the top decker...they stayed that way through out the night...standing...somebody (unknown) came in a boat gave them 8 packets of biscuits and took a lady and her small kid in the boat...
New Orleans...massive looting, shoot at sight orders...
Though we say in India that we don’t value a human life...we don’t value money over human life too...

Now the actual email...

inches of rain in new orleans due to hurricane katrina... 18
inches of rain in mumbai (July 27th).... 37.1

population of new orleans... 484,674
population of mumbai.... 12,622,500

deaths in new orleans within 48 hours of katrina...100
deaths in mumbai within 48hours of rain.. 37.

number of people to be evacuated in new orleans...entire city..ohhh
number of people evacuated in mumbai...10,000

Cases of shooting and violence in new orleans...Countless
Cases of shooting and violence in mumbai.. NONE

Time taken for US army to reach New Orleans...48hours
Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach mumbai...12hours

status 48hours later...New Orleans is still waiting for relief, army and electricity
status 48hours later. Mumbai is back on its feet and business is as usual's most developed nation

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