Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Coding in VC++

Developing a desktop application with a decent looking UI was the task for 5 of us. The timeline was a 24 hrs. 4 of us are new to VC++. Everybody knows java, .NET. But we are super intelligent guys!!! We choose VC++. 20 hrs pass and UI is still trying to peep up on the monitor. VC++ is not just another language. The concepts are really different and needs some training or experience before launching devlopement. I did not use the 'powerful' features of the language so cannot comment on how good or bad is the language by itself. For non-CompSci students pointers is another headache. Actually this was the main headache. I cannot belive it but when some compilation failed, the trials done by me was - insert or delete a * or a & before the variable. It mostly worked. But unlike most projects, our application finished in the final hour and worked!!! Yes, we had coded in VC++ and finished the application.
Where is Murphy and his laws???

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