Monday, December 26, 2005

"Rama Shama Bhama"

Super cool film. A total timepass movie - Must watch for those who would like to laugh their hearts out. I have seen the original "Sati Leelavathi" and the hindi version "Biwi No 1"....but this is unique. You will never get bored thru out the movie.

Kamal Hasan has again shown his superb comic timing. His Dharwad style dialogue deliver has evoked appreciation from the media. He has also told that he would do a movie in Udupi Kannda style. I am eagerly waiting for it.
Ramesh has always been good when he is with Kamal. Because this is debut venture as a director, he has put in additional effort for the on screen display. He has again proven that he can do exceptional acting in comedy movies.
The ladies are also good. Daisy is the mod girl and suits the role to perfection, so does Urvashi as the fat house wife of the smart Ramesh. Shruthi is in top form in the last scene.
Dattareya rules with his innocent acting as the father of Ramesh.
Music is good and the songs are really romantic. Dialogues by Yeshwanth Sardeshpande is stomach aching!!!!!
Dont miss funny venture!!!

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