Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bridegroom - Villain

I want to bring in a different aspect of the Indian wedding systems...rather a very well known aspect, but not thought of. First of all let me throw some light on the title of this blog.

If you have watched some Indian movies, you will be aware of the most common story line we use. There are 2 lovers, who want to stay happily together. But there is a villain (could be the father of either of the lovers or some third person) who is determined to screw the happiness of the lovers. In most cases the ending is happy.

Now come to Indian weddings...there are the girl's parents and the girl who love each other a lot. They live together for 20+ yrs under one roof and may want to stay together ever after. Then the boy or the bridegroom enters the scenario. He with all the romantic and sweet nothing dialogues holds the girl's hand in a lavish wedding. He separates the girl from her parents and keeps her with his family. But hopefully keeps her happy later. So we still have a filmy end. But is the bridegroom a villain as in Indian movies because he is successfully separating the bride from her parents and siblings too?

Most brides and grooms would not have thought about this angle of marriage. Boys and girls generally think of compatibility issues, good and bad habits, dressing sense, communication, qualification etc. But to how rebuild a girl's broken heart after the separation from her parents is an issue which the ‘would be’ bridegrooms have to ponder upon.

The sad part is that there are no 'obvious' ways to the solution. There are no books or guidance in whatever way available because most of the boys and girls don't think of this aspect of marriage :-)

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