Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ethical problem

Are humans selfish? Anybody with a little bit of sense would say “YES”. To prove this point we humans keep doing selfish acts. The latest addition to the list of selfish acts is happening in India now…Rather is it a selfish act at-all????

Since the time bird flu has struck a small town of Maharastra, millions of chickens have been culled across the country. Yes, avian flu is deadly and the chickens are spreading them.
But what is the chicken's fault in it...We humans kill everything that causes or remotely may cause harm to us. One may question, what else can be done? It’s not for me to answer this question. They can pour in money to research on some medicine to vaccinate the chickens!!! No...we kill them. What are the so called animal welfare organizations doing? Watching the chickens being culled on TV and on paper!!!
The age old truth is time and proven true again..."Kill before being killed"! or the positive way to put it "Survival of the fittest"

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