Monday, February 27, 2006

Mata (U/A)

Wanted to see this movie for multiple reasons.
1. Publicity it had got.
2. "Navarasa nayaka" Jaggesh's hundredth film.
3. The storyline made light of the Swami culture of Hinduism.

Finally got a chance to view it yesterday. I am still wondering how to rate this movie. I prefer to just give the pluses and minuses.

+ ves
Different music - Old melodies are played. English and Hindi tunes come aptly based on the occasion. The Rangeela music that comes when the 'jollu' swamini comes on screen is an example. This is something new in cinemas and common in college plays. There is stunning song which the evergreen Ashwath has sung.
Good acting - Just see the face of Jaggesh where he moves his lips to seduce...Just superb. The others are also good. Everybody stands out in this aspect.
Good direction - Story telling is in a flash back. The 'Upakathes' are shown well. Each of the 'Upakathes' have a good meaning. The story that highlights "Prositutes are humans too" stands out. Old shots of emperors are in black and white.

- ves
Thin storyline - There is a "Mata" which needs a swami. The aspirants are the so called bad citizens of this country. The story revolves around how these guys are trained to become a swami.
Not a family entertainer - I am still wondering how the movie escaped a "A" certificate. The dialogues are too crude and typical bachelor dialogues. Some jokes would make the women folks hide their face as a wave of laughter filled the theater.
Did not highlight all the negatives of being a swami, though the intent was this. This aspect of the movie disappointed me the most. Swami can cheat the public in different ways, but the main focus of this movie was the women and sex angle of swamis. Some incidents like the Kanchi murder have been shown but theres no significance or value addition to the storyline.

Guys can watch this movie in theaters with their female partners at home. Young directors like Nagendra Prasad are good signs to Kannada industry, but should do better in terms of the storyline and mass audience. Jaggesh, Mandya Ramesh and others have lot of fun left in their lifes...:-))

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