Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Silver screen is Gold

Finally the big Kannada film stars have entered the small screen. Bollywood stars are and were part of the small screen since some-time. Amitabh (Big B) started with KBC. Soon a lot of stars followed him. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan were seen on the small screen hosting small shows. The acceptance level of each of them were varied. Now ladies are entering the small screen arena with Priyanka Chopra’s entry into a adventure reality show.

Amitabh hit a big mine by taking to small screen. His financial problems got solved and he became a big star even among people who are not keen on movies. His big screen ventures increased after this break.

Seeing some benefits, Kannada movie stars are making a beeline to the small screen. Shivrajkumar is the latest to make an entry with the show – Naan iruvude nimagagi.
Earlier Ramesh Arvind started a chat show. Now he is hosting a game show on one of the many Kannada channels. Kichha Sudeep hosted a reality show in which girls from city stay in village. The reverse version (village guys in city) is being hosted by two time “best actress” winner – Radhika Pandit.

But why such a move by the big screen stars?

Financial benefits are the key – There is relatively easy money in this business. Easy and big money. Bollywood stars command crores for an episode.

Scheduling is easier - There are no major date problems.  4-5 episodes can be shot in studio on one day. On the contrary, a 3 hr movie shoot would take more than a month to shoot.

Connect with the people – With TV reaching majority of the houses, this is the easiest way to stay connected with the people.

Build a sagging carrier – Big B is a big example for this. Kannada movies are not doing so well, these days. By becoming a hero among the masses (helping them on the show), there is a very good chance to gain back the popularity, which is what the stars want.

Retirement benefits – Many stars who are retired(semi-retired) see this as a benefit to keep themselves engaged. Srinath hosted a couple show for a long time. Lakshmi & Kushboo also host talk shows on the small screen. The channels also gain by the star value they command.

All in all, it’s a welcome move to see big stars on the small screen.


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