Thursday, September 02, 2010

Indian connection to Pak match fixing

Amir, Salman & Asif (Getty Images)
The 5 Why's is a very good management tool to find the root cause of a problem.

Thinking about the latest controversy surrounding Pakistan cricket, I did a RCA (root cause analysis) using the 5 Why's technique.

Not surprisingly I found an Indian connection.

Why? – Why did Pak cricketers indulged in match\spot fixing?
Because Pak cricketers are in huge debt.
Why? – Why are they in huge debt?
Because they invested money thinking that they can earn enough  from IPL
Why? – Why dint they earn enough from IPL?
Because Pak cricketers were not allowed to participate in IPL
Why? – Why were they not allowed to play in IPL?
Because Indians think that Pak was behind 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Pak does not acknowledge its role.
Why? – Why did Pak terrorists attack India?
Because they cannot see India prosper. They cannot see a peaceful India. They are jealous of Indian growth.

So after these 5 whys – we know the Indian connection to the Pakistan's match fixing.


Anonymous said...

They are banned...They should stop blaming India for everything.
- Sundar

Prakash Nyamagouda said...

I like this connection

Raghavendra Hathwar said...

There are only three cricketing nations in the world that are known for absolute corruption.They are Pakistan,India and Bangladesh and the same blood flows in the veins of all the three.If any kind of fruad is expsosed there will be some connection beteween all the three.There is no point in blaming each other.Let us accept the fact and be happy.

Lost in thoughts said...

Fixing has little to do with blood. West Indians, South Africans, Englishmen were all involved in fixing. Europeans were involved in football match fixing and Russians in tennis match fixing. Basically the color of money does not discriminate blood.