Thursday, October 07, 2010

Game changer!

Image credit - PaddockTalk

Race was intense 
Tyre warped the Game
Tomorrow isn't same!

Posted for Theme Thursday


Lenora said...

Great photo! and prose!

RiikaInfinityy said...

The race is now on, get ready your gears!=P Perfect words!

Daisy said...

that last sentence really "hit" me ... made me wonder about the driver - did s/he lose just a tire? the race? life?

Great photo and prose.

Lost in thoughts said...

I wanted to give the positive side, what happened today will not happen tomorrow so leave it behind and go ahead for the next race!

x said...

With a blow out like that, tomorrow is very uncertain. Nice image and verse.

tony said...

Tommorrow Is A New Tyre!

Prayer Girl said...

Very creative Theme Thursday. I wonder if the driver will be driving again???