Friday, October 01, 2010

The Verdict

Image credit - UN

Fear engulfed
On Imminent verdict
Peace not tampered

A brief background to this -
Yesterday a court in India was to pronounce a verdict on a 60 year old case. This verdict was a potential threat to communal harmony of the nation. There were fears that communal violence could break out. India was on high alert and elaborate security measures were taken.
As the verdict came out in the evening,  peace and maturity prevailed. The judgment of the court was accepted by all communities and not a single unhealthy incident took place. A new step forward for us.

This is posted for 3 word Wednesday


Sumit Sarkar said...

nicely written....

umapoems said...


Lost in thoughts said...

thanks to Sumit and Uma.

Nanka said...

Liked the idea of peace not being destroyed,, Reminds me of what we just went through :)

ms pie said...

it is a wonderful step in the beginning of many... thank you for sharing... tho i am curious now as to what the battle was about in the beginning and why of why did resolution take so long? thank you.