Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Get the Bollywood songs

There are translations of 10 Bollywood songs below. I have provided the English translation of 2 lines from the middle of the song (antara not mukda).
Simple - Get the Hindi songs and the film names. I will not be surprised if you get multiple songs which have the same translation..
Like Kumbhkaran let him sleep for long
What we have to do will happen smoothly
Death is standing in the next turn
What is the hurry to die
By dying, we show how to live - to this world
Big memories are of small small conversations
Havent forgot any small instance
Neither he knows it or wrote it
I died for him, please let him know
How much did I save – is the worry for everybody
Life is a bank, every second is god’s gift
You are the wait in my eye
You are my respect and dignity
Today I will speak my heart, irrespective of what the world thinks
Death should be in front of the world
The life is short – just 2 steps
Why did we tremble in the 1st step
There is not a second without you, and without you there is no tomorrow
let the heart become a stone  & Let there be no heart beat


Sundar said...

i know the first one...housefull
- Sundar

Vinod said...

a bit confused...
is it housefull?

Stumblednews said...

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Raghavendra Rao said...

1.Housefullvolume kam kar

2. Ishiquiya ibne e batuta

3.The legend of bhagat singh  Mera rang de basanti chola

4. AnandMaine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune..

7. SaawariyaThode Badmaash
8. Mugal-E-Azam –Pyar kiya tho danra kya
9.3 IdiotsJaane nahi denge tujhe
10. Ya Ali ->Gangster