Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bush and democracy !

I am back to blogging.
After very busy 2 weeks or so, I am getting some freetime now.

Just how stupid US President can be? Here is an example. This happened when Dr. Manmohan Singh visited the US on his official tour recently. Mr Bush was introducing Mr Singh to his wife Laura Bush. These are the exact statements he made.
"Laura, Mr Singh is Primeminister of India - a country with a billion people who are experimenting with democracy." What did he mean by experimenting? I am sure even he cannot answer this question. Looks like this statement was the prelude to the things to come. US did not support India's bid for a permanent seat in the UN security council. India being the world's largest democracy wanted it's voice to be heard...But the so called saviour of democracy, the US has other plans. On one US says it encorages democracy, but on the other it has hardly any good policy towards democratic developing nations.

Continuing with the introduction part, then came the punchline from Mr Bush. "They have 150 million muslims and not one has joined the al-Qaeda".

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