Monday, August 29, 2005

T- shirt captions

I had been to the Shoppers Stop on Sunday. It was raining outside and I just had to hide in some place and so entered this shop. It can be renamed to Stoppers Shop ;-). As I was just posing as a really interested shopper, I entered the T shirt section. There were 2-3 racks of tantra T-shirts, which had some slogans on it. Some of them were very good. I remember some good and bad ones and wanted to jot it down here.

"If animals are not to be eaten, why is their flesh called meat"
"Dhobhiwala - The only person who can tell your wife 'Kapde nikhal kar rako madam, mein aajatha hoon' "
"I am disturbed" with a key hole on the shirt.
"Man's biggest erection for love - Via Agra" with a Taj Mahal.
"Army needs men. So do I".
"Kalakar" with a picture of painted, flowery car.
"God created me, just for you".
"If you cant read this, just come near" written in very small font alongside the chest.
Some chinese characters "You get a punch in the nose, if you ask what this means".



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