Saturday, August 27, 2005

Monsoon party

The monsoon party is over. Hopefully the monsoon is not.
Thursday evening was a party evening for us. We had a Page 3 party.

The party started off with 9 teams showing their cat-walking skills and designing skills. The themes were just very good.
The best theme was the rowdy stuff (of course according to me and not according to judges). The rowdy theme started with guys sporting black jackets and briefcases blowing smoke into air as they came on the ramp. Then came the Indian rowdies. Beedi smoking, banian clad, lungi wrapped, 'long' holding street goons. The background music was amazing. Started off with the latest craze in Kannada - Hodimaga and ended with Sarkar's Govinda. I was wondering if they could have put Kajra re from Bunty and Bubli. One prominent design missed out here was the khadi dons.
The best theme award went to the more patriotic and most common one - "Indian dresses". People with different dresses of different state. The dress representing Bihar was Jeans and white shirt. Apart from the Gujarti dress nothing was special.
The overall award went to the "Checks". The dresses were really good. Hair styles were special. Guys wore school uniform skirts and looked like Scots. The ladies looked like small school girls. Some creativity indeed.

After burning the ramps, the DJ took over and for the next 2+ hrs it was hip and butt shaking music. The stage could not take the load of the huge number of people who sweated for his music. So came the bodyguards for the stage and the disco was staged on the floor. Punjabi music with some raunchy remixes made most of the people swing, until the food was served and the first shuttles started to leave at 9pm.

But then the show started for the cab boys. The party never ends with the boys of my shuttle. We sang in chorus through the way for almost an hour. Language barriers were broken as we sang Kannada, Hindi, English and even Sanskrit numbers. It was interesting to watch the people in signals having a peep at our window as we sung "Ee Limbe hanniantha hudugi..".
It was 10:30pm when I landed in my bed flat for a great slumber.

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