Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Family planning and sex education

As most of my friends (of my age group) are getting married, the discussions nowadays have been on that topic only.
Yesterday, we had a discussion about family planning.

Christians are not supposed to use condoms. The Pope and the Vatican are against the use of condoms. Islam also does not recommend use of condoms. I asked the reason and the answer is "Semen is divine". Among Christians, the church organizes classes before marriage regarding these things. A doctor and a father will tell the bride and the groom about love, sex and the balance between them! The family planning methodology suggested is "sex in the safe period". There is a justification as well. One will learn to restrain and also learn the difference between love and sex. But the same doctor has told him that having sex at-least twice a week will provide emotional bonding between the couple. This is in sharp contrast. But wait there is a reply. During the initial days, do it when it is safe, then have children, then have operation to prevent more children and then start doing it twice a week!!!

Incase of Muslims, a senior member of the family gives a book just a day before marriage. This book talks all about marriage, human bodies and family planning. And this is given to the groom only.
To my surprise some guys had no idea about what the safe period is. India seriously needs serious sex education. People are really shy to talk about it and hence the knowledge is also very less. This will lead to unhealthy practices and population explosion. Some religions need to change their ideologies and encourage people to use contraceptives.

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