Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Laloo is thrown out of power!!

I am a bit too busy these days...But i was determined to write about this today. I dont know why, but I am too happy since I saw this news yesterday.

Laloo finally is out of power in Bihar. After 15 years of misrule, he is out. For a moment, I couldnt belive this...but now the results have sunk in. I saw all the news channels till late yesterday night hearing the sweet news of NDA throwing Laloo out. The best comments came from the Bihari Shekar Suman, who was as exceited as me. He used all his vocabulary to screw Laloo. Though the phenomenon called Laloo is the loser, for the one last time he still held the center stage in all channels. There was more coverage on him than the winner, Nitish Kumar.

Nitish was all praise for the election commission. And they deserved it too. The election was fair and there were very few deaths and reports of rigging. Military was pressed into service. State police who are under the control of JDU were sidelined. Corrupt district officers were not used in election service. A special resident observer from the EC had managed the poll to precision. The election commission certainly showed that a fair election is still possible in Bihar.

Nitish should also thank the great Governor of Bihar, Mr Buta Singh! This person was the one responsible for this election.
If Buta had not hastily recommended the dissolution of assembly after Feb elections, Nitish would have found it diffcult to form a govt and then manage it too.

I am now waiting to see if Bihar really changes under the NDA rule. This election has brought smiles on the BJP faces. BJP's strategy for Madhya Pradesh may change now. Hope to see good days in this rich state.

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