Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Localities within my locality

I stay in a locality by name Hosakerehalli (It means new lake village, not to mention the lake is on the verge of extinction). I have been staying here since 23 yrs. When people came for the grihapravesh, they were stunned by dad's arrogance to build a own house in such a 'remote' (just 7.5 kms from majestic) locality. The area which had just one vegetable cum grocery shop 20 yrs ago now boasts of Big Bazar, Pizza huts etc. Land rates have increased 5 folds in the last 5 yrs. The population has increased some n times. The coconut grooves, agricultural lands that surrounded my house no more exist. Multi-storey buildings have cropped up like mushrooms. So called 'Unreachable areas' can be reached by cars today. This is the plight of many areas of Bangalore.

Last sunday, me and some guys were chatting near my house when an elderly couple came to us with an address in their hand. They were searching for a house in Kalidasa nagar, Hosakerehalli. I was not aware of such an area. But a friend of mine guided them. This triggered an discussion on the localities with my locality. I was stunned when I got to hear some 10 small 'nagars' with this 'halli'. I do not want to miss these names - Kalidasa nagar, Vidya Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Pushpagiri Nagar, D'Souza Nagar, Dwaraka Nagar, Kolal Krishna Nagar, Bangarappa Nagar, Muneshwara Nagar and Dattathreya Nagar. When the population of a locality increases, the locality size grows, smaller localities would like to have some recognition and so there are so many small layouts.

Whats the government or the corporation role in these things? Are these names legally recognised? The problem comes up when you approach the authorities like the police station for some complaint or enquiry. They ask the area of residence and you say Shakti Nagar. The police (or even the corporator) would not help you because they claim that the area does not fall under their jurisdiction. Once upon a time these were agricultural land and now thick residential layouts.

So Whats the solution?

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