Monday, November 07, 2005

"One night @ the call center (ON@TCC)"

I bought the book in the morning and by afternoon I was repenting the decision to buy it. By night (after several breaks), I had finished the book.

One night @ the call center - Sucks.
It’s a story about 3 females and 3 males who work in a call center. The stories are of Hindi soaps and Bollywood movies. Nothing innovative. Absolutely nothing!!

The stories go like this.
Radika has problems with her mom-in-law and her husband has another girl in his life.
Esha is modern, wants to be a model but is forced to sleep with the so called model makers.
Priyanka has a love break with the fourth character Shyam. Now she is about to get married to a NRI in USA.
Shyam feels he has lost everything in life after the breakup with Priyanka.
Vroom is a freak out guy but has a crush on Esha. He has problems with his dad moving away from his mom.
Military uncle is a aged person, longing to be with his grandson. But he has been sent out of the house by his daughter-in-law.
All these have a common problem - The Company they are working for is planning some lay-offs. All of them feel that the reason for layoffs is their boss, Bhaksi.
In page 225 (of the 229 pages book) "GOD" calls them and solves their problems somehow. Wondering what is the solution? The obvious solution and in an obvious way.
Chetan has thrown some light into the lives of call center people. Humor (if any) comes in the call conversations. There is rampant America bashing in the novel.

After the super duper "Five point someone", I really wonder if its the same Chetan who has written this. May be he wrote from his experiences in FPS, may be I could relate my hostel life to some characters of FPS and so FPS was great. And for the same reasons as above I am not able to appreciate ON@TCC.

In short, the book is avoidable.

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