Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Writely" Trial

I got to know of this free web word processor from a BBC article on MS and Google war. I decided to try it out. My first impression about this is "AMAZING".
I want to hightlight the features I have explored.

  1. Basic features provided by MS word is available. Alignment, indent, font size etc is available.
  2. Collaborate feature - This feature is pretty interesting. I can save a document and send it to multiple people to work on it. People can review and change the document. They are provided with a confirmation code as a security feature. I liked this very much.
  3. Publish feature - You can publish the document on the web directly.
  4. Blog - There is a connection possible for different blogging engines. The document can be posted as a blog directly.
  5. Though this is a word document, it is saved as an html doc. The html code is visible.
  6. You can save the document in MS word format and as a zip file. Here I found one in appropriate behaviour. The formatting like bold, underline were not retained in the word document when opened in MS word. This could be an area of improvement.
  7. I could not find a dictionary or an auto correct feature. I would love to have this as I make several spelling mistakes.

But I love the concept and the tool. MS is alos moving into this domain of making office availabe on the web. This is a good change in strategy and is most welcome.

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