Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am a student

It was the first time that I got caught by the police in my car. I was moving towards corporation in front of town-hall. It is one of the weirdest one-way roads of Bangalore. Only BMTC buses are allowed on that road. I was driving behind a BMTC bus and did not notice any one-way board. The police standing next to the bus-stop waved at me to stop. Scared that I did not have any car documents with me, I got down. The constable spoke in broken English...letting me know that I was in the wrong way of the road. Then I used my Kannada and told him that I was not aware of such a thing and followed the bus.

After checking my DL, he opened a book and asked if I would pay the fine of Rs400 in court or on the spot there. Luckily I did not have great money in my purse. As I tried to explain that I do not have cash on me, the constable let a lifeline...He asked "Are you a student?"...I was taken aback for a moment and said "Yes". I am still figuring in what angle did I look like...Was it my dressing? Was it my hairstyle? Anyway it doesn't matter if I look young!!!!
The constable asked for 50Rs...And I really bribed without thinking. It is a mistake which I did not think there...but realized now. Still repenting!!!

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