Monday, March 20, 2006

Kiss the path!!!

What a romantic statement for one of the most unromantic incidents!!

I was on a (s)hopping spree with my family in Gandhi bazar. It was getting a bit late for other appointments that were to follow the shopping. As the family decided to sip a hot cup of tea, I thought I will get my car from a far of parking space to save some walking time. I started running on the footpath. Just to mention the footpath was like Aishwarya Rai's figure...smooth skin with proper curves :-)) As I ran down, one of my foot got caught in the curve and I was down on my knees and hands (just like a dog!!!). This was when the (un)romantic incident could have happened. I think I kissed the path!!! But unlike many who shy away when they fall in public place..I turned around saw if my legs were ok and continued my run towards the car. I got to know later that my mom was in tears seeing her old(!!) son fall and there were others who commented "bidru style hodithane nodu".

I now realize that I am lucky to get out injury free from the incident especially because of the dangerous curves around the place.

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