Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Battle is on...

I successfully tried to blog from a web word processing tool in November 2005. It was ‘Writely’. I was impressed by the tool and thought that Google would come up with such a tool shortly. Now in March 2006, Writely is in news - Google has bought Writely. This could be one of the path breaking acquisitions and a clear signal to Microsoft that Google cannot wait longer to hit MS hard. But having known MS for its shrewd tactics...the battle is not going to be easy. Microsoft has released its MSN earth in competition to Google earth. Wondering if MS would really come up with free web office to tackle Google...or can really Google wins the Office market by online tools like Writely.

Interesting consolidations via acquisitions in software industry keep everybody on their toes. It’s boom time for analysts, who can debate for ever on the possible scenarios and tactics.

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