Monday, August 30, 2010

If wax was vacuum, I was deaf

It was my wife's persistence. She actually pushed me into the doctor's cabin, after close to 5 months of pressure on me.

Probably, it started in the summer. We used the ceiling fan during sleep. There would be some kind of block in my left ear when I get up in the morning. On some days, I used to cover my ear when going for sleep. During the mid summer, the pressure started building on me to visit the doctor. But end of summer, it subsided. SO we decided to ignore it.
But the discussions started again, when a small brown\reddish layer started forming in the ear nozzle. After repeated discussions (including argument), she was successful in taking me to the ear specialist.

In the first consultation the doctor mentioned that there was a thick layer of dry wax attached to the ear drum and gave me some ear drops (Soliwax drops). This was because the wax was pushed rather than being pulled out. (Though, I have no clue on how that can be done). She asked me put these liberally for 5 times a day for 5 days. "This would soften the wax and that can be removed", doctor said.

Because, I regularly forgot about those drops during office hours, for those 5 days, my wife woke me up at insane hours - regularly. Night 1am, 3am and 5:30am were ear-drop times.

Then came the D-day. I was feeling that some kind of incision will be made and my body will be opened. I sat on the revolving stool in front of the doctor. The doctor was looking like a miner, with a head band which had a lamp in it. As the miner look-alike came near my left-ear with her equipment, I picturised a miner entering a mine with his axe and ready to drill a hole to make his latest discovery.
I heard of gush of water flushing through my ears. This was repeated for some more time. It was loud and clear in my ears. The doc has injected syringes of water through my ears. (I wonder what would happen to toilets when we flush them, if toilets had ears.) My wife was requested to help the doctor in holding a container that collected the ear-flushed water. Particles of reddish wax also came out. Then came the miner's catch. A 2cms long, 0.75cm wide cylindrical mass of wax. Every sound was loud & clear when this piece was pulled out.
After the doctor declared an all-clear, I heard myself and my wife weaving a sigh of relief.

Just recalling my physics, I wondered if this mass was vacuum, I would have been deaf for sometime, long back.


Anonymous said...

Manju, Many have this problem. But they ignore it. Though its dirty to write about this, but good.

- Sundar

Ranjan said...

the miner to doctor comparison is good. hope your doc doesn't read this ;)