Friday, December 17, 2010

Useless Map

Image source - Google Image Search

Lost in the jungle
With a map in hand
Sweating with fear
As darkness arrives

Look at the guide
Worthless it seems
Shout to nobody's ears
A standstill life

Lacking the right compass
While in the forest
Shred the useless map
Aimlessly I continued my walk

Posted for ThemeThursday -  Prompt Map


Karen Fayeth said...

Love the stark theme to your verse. Well done!

Vibhuti B said...

A scary thought but great poetry once again. Thanks.:)

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine ! Well, more than moving ahead I would be occupied with dark thoughts :P But I loved the simplicity in your poem ! :)

Sh@s said...

Ultimately its ones own instinct coupled with courage that can lead one out of that darkness.

Nanka said...

It set me thinking and concluded that it is a terrifying proposition!! A simple and beautiful narration :)

Brian Miller said...

maps are only as good as your point of reference...

Doctor FTSE said...

Did you get out of the woods free?

Jingle Poetry said...

creative take..

Jingle Poetry said...

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