Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Change in equiments!

Image source - lg.com
LG is hosting an idea collection drive to improve their consumer durables. You can provide ideas on what you want as a feature in TV, computer screen, microwave oven, refrigerator, home theater, AC, washing machine and mobiles. This is a new concept which is adopted by several companies in recent times. You can provide your ideas here

Here are some ideas that I have submitted.

  • Washing machine - A machine which can hold the detergent and after wash powders. Depending on the load and the dirt level, the machine automatically picks up the required amount of washing powder and after wash substances (like blue, starch etc)
  • TV stand integrated with TV. The height of which should be adjustable. This helps me in watching the TV while sleeping on the floor without stressing\stretching my neck. We can also increase the height so that small kids do not fiddle with the TV.
  • Home theater that plays from songs in an USB memory stick.
  • Refrigerator with ice tray below and vegetable stand above. Typically the least used part of the fridge is the ice tray. The vegetable tray is the most used. And adults have to bend to get the tray out. This is very difficult for the elderly people. Kids would want their ice cream and ice at an accessible height. So place the ice tray at the bottom and the vegetable tray on the top.
    • As a corollary the fridge door needs to have 2 handles (one at the top and one at the bottom).
    • Handles should not be projecting out of the fridge (it should not be a hindrance when walking)
  • Refrigerator - Have the skin of the fridge changeable. This can be changed as per the user's choice of colors (perhaps fitting to the painting around it).
  • A weigh scale or a measurement instrument integrated with the oven. Many times, recipe says "take 200 gms of flour". How do I measure it?
  • A weigh scale (Fitness check instrument) below the fridge. Just pull from below the fridge and stand on it. It weighs and gives all other vital parameters of the body. Fridge is the apt instrument as it stores our daily food…The instrument can store the history readings to give some vital details.

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