Thursday, December 09, 2010

Venus Fly Trap

Image source - Wikipedia

Venture into beauty
Eagerness to suck
Never suspecting treachery
Umbrella like view
Sight attracted insect

First compression started
Light became dark
Young limbs crushed

Trick successfully executed
Rare meal caught
Another amicable look
Ploy set again

Posted in Acrostic Only - Prompt : Venus Fly Trap


Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Lost In Thought, you are bad, and that means good! Such a wonderful and detailed acrostic, very creative, and the photo is perfect! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Vibhuti B said...

Superb Acrostic and perfect explanation of this natural phenomenon.
But arent people like this too? dont we fall victim to ploys and also victimise with our looks too?

Lost in thoughts said...

Very true. People also fall to the trap.

Nanka said...

Like it will never end...and pity those creatures that get tricked :( suppose an eco- balance is maintained too!!