Wednesday, December 15, 2010


‪Harry was rich. He was rich enough to have an early retirement at the age of 40. Harry’s business grew at a rate which he never foresaw. But he was not happy. He wanted to be a senator.‬

‪Harry leaned on his mentor, Sally for advice. “Make a movie. Get mass support for your thoughts via the movie. Then stand for elections”, came the advice.‬

‪So Harry made a movie. In the movie, he would help the poor and make them rich even at the expense of him becoming poor. The movie was a hit. His ideas and sympathies earned him publicity. “A successful first step”, he thought.‬

‪It was election time. Sally planned his campaign. They dabbled with new techniques of campaigning. Giving free tickets to his movie, hiring large screens in public places to screen the movie etc.‬

‪As part of the campaign, Harry had an open question and answer session with university students.  He expected some questions and had prepared with Sally for the answers for those questions.‬

‪“There are rumors that you want to become a senator to foster your business goals. What do you have to say?”‬

‪“I have earned enough to survive for my life. Even my next generation can survive with the money I have. I do not want any law change to earn more. If I wanted more money, I would invest into business and not in politics and people. It was my father’s dream that I become a senator. And I hope you will fulfill his wish by voting me.”‬

‪“What will you do for the state after you become Senator?”‬

‪“The state is poor. Infrastructure is pathetic. Drinking water is expensive. There are many homeless people. I want to change these. Everybody would get good affordable food in my state. There would be a roof under which you can lean. There will  be prosperity.”‬

"Sir, I have a question. You have lot of money to serve society and improve things. Why don't you spend and bring prosperity? You yourself do not want to be a senator. You are here to fulfill your dad's wish. Why should we vote you to fulfill your father's wish?"

Harry searched for an answer. But could not utter one.

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gautami tripathy said...

Some questions don't have answers..

dead man and his shoe painting

ThomG said...

Very interesting tale. The ending leaves you wondering...

akshay said...

Manju i LIKED it . when is the treat??

shail said...

Now that's a question!

lalita choudhary said...

enjoyed every bit of it!! Neatly done!!

Nanka said...

Enjoyed the tale and it is thought provoking too. Do people really know why they are voting someone in??

Very clever end!!

Prakash Nyamagouda said...

Very nice one! If I were he, my answer could be; the money what i have is not enough to serve all the needs. So I need power to spend my money as well as govt money to serve all the needs of common man :-)