Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All in my blog

Was reading some of my old blogs...Hmm...i dont have one word to describe what i am feeling...

Hapazard thinking, links to unlinked topics, mindless criticism, jumbled way of writing, mockery of English (which i continue to do even now), open ended conclusions, nauseating descriptions, blunt politics, mouth watering cricket, evergreen films, real life drama...is there ONE WORD to describe these?

My emotions also varied as I read through my blogs. At times I was happy that i wrote those. But after reading some of them, I am disgusted with the way i put across my thoughts. Infact I found that some are vulgar. What I liked was, true to its name, the blog reflects my feelings - "Lost in thoughts".

As I wrote earlier, forget these and just vent out. Simply blog madi.

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