Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Shut Up" - Sequel to 3 Idiots

The movie 3Idiots has raked in around 300 crores in less than a month. Its touted as the biggest hit of Bollywood (even bigger than Sholay). Like the money, there are several of controversies around the movie. In-fact we could have a movie about the controversies. Name it "Shut up!".

Credit controversy
The Aamir Khan starrer is loosely based on the famous Chethan Bhagat book, "Five point Someone". This is not the first time that CB's book is used to make a movie. Previously the movie "Hello" was based on the book "One night at the call center". The movie sank without a trace though the cast had Salman Khan. I am not sure on how was CB credited for Hello, but he was thoroughly unhappy with the way he was credited for 3 Idiots. I am not sure how the placing of the credit is going to impact both the movie and the CB. Then came an illegal act, the NDA was made public. Then i realized the financial aspect of the movie. This is nothing about credit blah blah. It was about paisa. CB sold his book to Vinod Chopra for whopping Rs 11 lakhs. Hats off to CB for being so generous on Chopra. CB seems to be too naive to understand the economies of bollywood. Looks like CB did not estimate the value of Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani, VVC and importantly himself. Now theres no point in repenting. Chethan should just learn to value himself realistically. But CB can still smile, the sales of 5PS has increased 30% and so something of some weight in his pocket.

Dramatic press conference
I became am a fan of Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Not for making 3I or Munnabhai. For asking the media to "Shut up!"...yes a blunt Shut up! Getting irritated about irrelevant questions on "Credit controversy", VVC asked a media person to "Shut up" if he has not read the book. Media fell on VVC. But this did not affect the prospects of 3I. Infact more people saw it and the film received more publicity. I am sure media will not take this lying down. I am waiting for the revenge act when VVCs next production goes on floor.I cant see more than a 2 star rating for the next VVC production.

Ragging saga
There was a mass arrest of students of a medical college in Mumbai for ragging. So whats the connection with this movie? The students gave a statement to the police that their ragging was inspired from 3I. The media and the police immediately blasted 3I and the censor board was asked as to why they cleared the ragging scene. I do not agree that a film can be held responsible for a crime that is committed away. Munnabhai and several other movies had ragging scenes. And to be honest, ragging is a reality (at-least was a reality). And there can be no excuse given to the students, whatever they claim to be the inspiration. How can the director or producer be blamed for showing whats happening(happened) around you that too in a subtle way? Why was there no comments when the book was made? All in all this was a meaningless controversy.

Kareena missing from publicity 
Incidentally, the heroine of movie was never used for publicity. Though 3 guys are 3I, there is rarely a Bollywood movie without a lover lady for the hero.And when a top notch heroine like Kareena is in, one would expect her to be in the publicity campaigns always. But not even once did she appear or comment for publicity, especially when publicity is gaining huge importance in B'wood. This incident is luckily missed out by the hungry media and is a just a curious question from me here.

The movie is good even without this aftermath. Its enjoyable and "Aal is Well" for the producers, writer(s), actors and most importantly for the viewers.

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