Monday, January 25, 2010

Annual finalist

I am a regular participant in the annual competition since sometime. Since 4 yrs I have been in finals (6 teams in final, among 30-40 teams). I partnered 3 different guys in the last 4 yrs. (This year, I went solo in the team game). But never been able to finish in the top 3 (precisely top 4). Surprisingly, when I enter the tournament, I myself do not expect to win. So it does not hurt a bit.

What should I do now?

First and foremost - Compete to win...
Though its real fun to be just in there, but it would be rocking to win it. Ofcourse this can add to pressure, but its no fun without the heat ;-)

Shed the casual approach
Spend some time to prepare for it. Afterall its a knowledge game and I havent heard anybody die of excess knowledge. This could be taxing as getting the winnable knowlegde is immensely huge task.

Role of a partner
They say that team games are not one man shows. (Stepping out of the topic : This statement is somehow not always true for Sachin Tendular's crazy fans. When he scores a ton and Ind wins (which is a rarity), its a one man show. On scoring a ton if Ind looses, the team did not contribute and cricket is not a one man game.)

But in this event, I am not sure of this. With different partners, the result has not changed...As mentioned earlier, even without one its no better. The regular winners have their team set and will not split to join me (not that I want them). So let me leave this aspect as a blackbox. 

And comes the easiest option - Skip the event -- I will not unless its really unavoidable.

With all this, I may still not do a podium finish, but then I know I am not worth it.

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