Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why not movie from tweets?

We are in the era of social networking. Basically learning from and talking to people whom we never met or would never meet. Some of the discussions are very personal, some business oriented and more often they are random thoughts. If there is a person who has time, patience and willingness, he or she could compile a book or a movie script from the different tweets, facebook status, myspace comments etc...the list never ends. And the book\movie could be a smashing hit. We have immense talent floating around. I don't think anybody disputes this! Why should somebody not leverage some of social networking messages and compile a story? I hope that collaborative script writing by Netizens will be a reality shortly. Get the script ready and do not worry about music - There is already Royalty free music.

Controversies surrounding movie scripts are not a rarity today. If we had 3 Idiots in Bollywood, Hollywood's reply was SpiderMan-4. Remember earlier example set by "Krazzy 4". Spiderman is more disastrous as the movie itself seems to be shut off because of the script saga.

Financial motivation for these projects, comes from various research reports and examples. Dell made a cool $ 2 million business from twitter alone.  I mean, these just show the reach and potential.
And for those who think, ahh this is a field of professionals, what can I achieve, here is an example - Amateurs can take on the professionals too.  Amateur cameramen can make a  visually strong movie.  The hand camera movie, "Paranormal Activity" which grossed $100 million.

So somebody just go ahead! Unleash the talent in the web.
Why not me? This is a good question (you know good questions do not have answers!)

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