Friday, January 22, 2010

Want to experience life

I have some very different (some call it weird) thoughts on what I did not experience in life (and want to experience someday). Guys around me call me a psycho when I tell them this…I think their idea of psycho is irrational.
Here's the list of experiences I want to experience.

  • Stay in a suicide bomber school, just to analyze how can one be motivated to commit mass murder with an assurance of death.
  • Spend some days with some tribesmen (which is totally cutoff from the rest of the world) and enjoy their lifestyle….Clearly not to transmit our worldly cultures to them
  • Tent on Siachen Glacier when there is war - Fight the enemy and the cold with the same intensity…
  • Get lost in a jungle and then find my way out - all alone….This will test anybody's mental toughness and innovativeness to survive.
  • Be a passenger in a hijacked plane - Experience the pain, different other emotions that one undergoes when there is total insanity surrounding you.

I have a few more exotic wishes which surely will remain as a wish…Not that the ones above will be fulfilled..I can at-least hope that the above may happen but not the ones below.

  • Bungee jumping in Niagara falls
  • Experience death and come back to life
  • Live in pre-Independence India -- Too fascinated by the lifestyle details explained by parents and relatives who lived it
  • Survive the cruelty inflicted by Hitler.

I believe that the best authors cannot explain their experience. Experience is to be lived. Not just read. Not just seen.

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