Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The bus was full and some of us were standing. The cleaner of the bus had occupied the first seat to assist the driver in traffic. He was big hearted and gave his seat to a lady to join me at the footboard. As the bus started dropping the employees, most of the guys got seats except me and the cleaner boy. After one stop the guy in the first seat behind the door got down and so I was seated. Later one more guy from behind got down. So I asked the cleaner boy to sit in my seat and still manage to open the doors at bus stops. I moved to the seat vacant in the back. Here comes the shock. As the cleaner boy sat in the seat, the smartly dressed ass sitting next to him got up (not to get down). It was a damning insult, which I did not expect from a so called educated software engineer. The cleaner boy could not take the insult and with all humility got up so that the educated, neat bastard could occupy both the seats.

We speak about racial discrimination in other nations. There at-least the skin color is different. Here in India, Bangalore - what is the difference between this bastard and the cleaner boy? It is just that the cleaner boy is poor and did not dress as smartly as the bastard.

But I could not do anything...and was a mute spectator. Feeling ashamed that the bastard is working with me.

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