Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reel friend

Yesterday in the evening shuttle, we got to know a lot about one of the cab mates. Our chests swell in pride to know that we have such an influential friend among us!!! I wanted to just jot down about the REEL V. It’s too valuable to miss out.

All these stories\connections are as told by V himself infront of atleast 10 people in the cab.

Political Influence
1. Dharam Singh's daughter in law is V’s very close cousin. Recently Dharam Singh invited V and family for his son's wedding in Palace grounds. Inspite of his busy schedule V managed to attend the marriage, but could not give an appointment to Dharam. So there is no snap of Dharam with V.

2. Mallikarjuna Kharge's son is a very close friend of V. Mr Jr Kharge has told V to approach him in case of any problems.

3. Jalappa's son stays in the house adjacent to that of V. Obviously they share a very close relation. Jalappa has named his grandson V after he met the charming neighbor.

4. V was the brain and star campaigner behind SM Krishna's victory in Chamarajpet during the last assembly elections. He campaigned for him in Vijayanagar !!!!!!

Film World Influence
1. Upendra had invited V and his friends for the "Grihapravesh" of his house. Unfortunately Upendra forgot (intentionally) V at the time of his marriage. But the relationship does not stop there. For the last Diwali, V presented Uppi with a box of crackers which was received with a hug. Uppi also gave V Rs 101 for Ganesha pooje near his house.

2. During the Grihapravesh, V built contacts with "Dheera" Rockline Venkatesh. V gets free tickets to the movies produced by Rockline.

3. When Dr Rajkumar was released by Veerappan, V went to Rajkumar and garlanded the icon of Kannada movie industry. Rajkumar bowed down in front of the icon of route 6.

4. On Dec 31st 1999, filmstar Srinath had the luck to meet V in the Hosakerehalli Ganesha temple (yes, V goes to temples!!!). They not only exchanged greetings, but Srinath invited V for the "Adarsha Dampathigalu" program. But sadly V is still single (officially atleast) and had to reject the invitation.

5. V made a guest appearance in the mega hit movie "Chinnari Mutha". Nagabharana wanted some rhythmic tunes in the movie and found that V was the best person to give the drum beats.

6. Master Hiranayya is V's chaddi dost. V gave a missed call and Hiranayya came as the chief guest to his college function. Incidentally Hiranayya's son-in-law stays in the same road as V.

7. Hatrick hero Shivarajkumar had the previlage of standing next to the Reel hero V for a snap. This was possible when V was a kid. Now Shivu is not getting an appointment.

8. Hatrick director Prem (Jogi director) is\was V's friend's tenant in Basaveshwara nagar. Now you know the inspiration behind "Bin Laden Nan mava" song!!

9. Navya - heroine of Sachhi, is V's senior in school. She is also a very good friend of V. V had a hand in getting her the role. Budding heroines can contact V!!!

10. V went on a padayatra with Ambarish from Bidadi to Mandya shouting slogans for Ambi and against Jaya. Ambi was impressed and invited V for a booze party.

11. Malavika alias Madhavi Patel of "Mukta" serial fame used to "carry" V to his school because they were neighbours and good friends.

12. Arundati's ("Mukta" serial) sister ran away from home with V's cousin brother. Now they are happily married.

13. Late Tiger Prabhakar, used to ask V "yenappa school inda bartha idya? chanagi odu V..." when ever he saw V during school days. Not to mention V followed Tiger's instructions dutifully.

14. Talking of Tiger, V became the hero of heros (and heroines) in a Bannergatta safari. A leopard attacked the bus and V fought with the leopard and chased it away. V has a mark on his finger (made by Leopard's finger) to prove his point.

Reel continues......

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