Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Missed calls mahime

I am getting accustomed to the mobile culture. I forget to switch to silent mode in meetings and switchoff the silent mode at my home. In the former case it is embarassing to get the call and in the latter case friends curse me for missing the call. All this is OK, but the what I am not getting used to is the missed call funda. I wanted to list down where and how this is being used because I find this very amusing and interesting.

1. Give a missed call to a friend or spouse...He\She will return the call back because the person has a connection which is paid by the office. The other scenario could be that the He\She has a connection with free calltime.
2. An executive gives a missed call to his driver. It indicates that the driver should bring the car to the gate. The driver gives a missed call to his boss. This indicates that he is at the gate. Thus the work process flow is smooth.
3. A cab mate gives a missed call to one of the guys in the cab. This indicates that he is on the way and halt the cab till he\she comes.
4. I have booked a taxi and given the address for pickup. Thr taxi driver comes near my home and gives a missed call. Then I need to call him back to check where he is and guide him to the address.
5. On the way home, give a missed call to the office friend. Within seconds a SMS arrives with the latest scores of teh cricket match.

Now the best one...
6. Daughter sleeping the first floor of the house gives a missed call to her home landphone in the ground floor - Indication that she has woken up and its time for tea. Mom arranges for tea. After tea and some more time theres another missed call. Now she is ready to take bath and hot water is needed. Mom arranges for hot water.

So many things are communicated via missed calls!!

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