Monday, October 17, 2005

On the way...

I was walking from blossom bookstore on church street to trinity circle on Saturday evening. I took the less crowded footpath of MG Road, on the yahoo office side. I was passing behind one of the telephone junction boxes, which bisected the footpath. From the opposite side came a couple carrying a baby around 3 yrs.

The guy stopped me and asked "Marathi?". My first thought was that he was going to ask me some location and answered "Hindi..". Then the couple started telling me their story. They have come from Pune, but lost their bag in the train. They have no money with them. Since morning they have been roaming without food. Before I could ask anything, he continued that he now wants money to reach Pune. The charge is 210Rs for one person. They said that they are decent couple and would send the money back to me if I give them the address. I just blabbered that I do not have so much money with me and within a second I told them that I can give money for thier food now. It really came out instantly. The middle class sentiments just got onto me I suppose. I took a 50 Rs note and handed it to the lady. She blessed me and told that Sai Baba will bless me. The guy asked me to shell 150 more so that the lady atleast could go back. He said he would return it. But then I told him another lie. "I do not have money and I am a student". The guy gracefully shook hands and they moved on.

As I continued my stroll, a galore of questions filled my mind.
Why did the couple come to Bangalore? Don't they know anybody in Bangalore? Would anybody keep all the cash in one place? What were they doing in MG Road when there is no rail station nearby? Why din't they ask me to call Pune for help? Did they goto police station and lodge a complaint?

But it was too late to get any answer. And is it worth to get an answer for these?
I just hope that the 50 Rs really helped them in someway.

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