Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Family size

I counted the number of people in my family. 'My family' here means my grandparents, their children & their spouses (my dad, mom and uncle aunts), grandchildren & their spouses(me and cousins), great grand-children & their spouses(my cousins' sons and daughters).

Some details about the process
1. I had a use a paper and pen.
2. I had to ask my parents about some cousins and their children.
3. On one instance there was a lengthy conversation to verify whether a cousin has one kid or 2 kids.
4. We counted only the people who are alive.

When I finished the half an hour exercise the final count was a whopping 149. The split was father's side 121 and mother's side 28.
My next tasks are
1. To get a male to female ratio.
2. To get the names of all the family members.
3. To get to know what everybody is doing.

I am ashamed about my knowledge about my family.

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