Friday, October 14, 2005

The feel that never ends - Jogi

No romance...But love is in air, love between mom and son.
No duet...But there are super songs.
No vulgarity in dialogs...But there are hardcore rowdies and good amount of bloodshed.
No foreign locales...But super background for the songs.

This is the feel which the hat-trick director Prem leaves you with. The feel is not extraordinary but it's good.
The story is about a village innocent who lands in Bangalore and becomes a rowdy because of his love for his mother. This transistion is depicted well. The innocent Jogi alias Madesa(Shivanna) is taught about the crime world in a song "Hodimaga Hodimaga" which has become a huge hit. Infact all the songs are big hits...Jogi is the album of the year. The so called heroine (so called because, she is not hero's girlfriend or wife) is a good samartian who helps Jogi's mother find her son. Arundati Nag as the mother and new face Jennifer have excelled in their roles. The ending is very dramatic, but has the thrills of a Kamal Hasan movie ending.

Jogi has created a new marketing dimension for Kannada industry. The story of the movie is sold for 63 lakhs to a telegu director. The ringtones have been made available in The movie was released in the USA on the same day as its release in Karnataka. The hairstyle is trendy and the dressing is tapori. The release of the movie was broadcast live on the web in Jogi has completed 50 days in all the theaters in which it was released.

I saw the movie on the 50th day and so was given a sweet by the theater authorities. The hall had almost 40% seats occupied by ladies...after being marketed as a rowdy movie!!

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