Monday, October 25, 2004

Back to office

It’s really boring to come to office after 4 days of holidays. But life goes on.
The weekend went very well. I experienced some amazing stuff.
I finished Dan Brown's Deception point. Not so good book. The ending is not that exciting. But as always, Brown has compiled are lots of truths together. One of the interesting facts I got to know was that White house occupies 18 acres of land only. My office is much bigger (21 acres)!! As my friend puts it “If you want to enhance your GK, read Dan Brown books.”
I bought 2 new books. Sidney Sheldon’s “are you afraid of the dark?” and “Men are from Mars….” The rest of the time I spent in the home watching TV etc.
Cleaned the vehicles for the Ayudha pooja. Decorated with flowers and dad did the pooja.
Right from morning, I started getting calls from friends for a days trek to some near by spot. Finally at 11:30am we decided to go to Muthyalamaduvu. This nice place is worth half a day only. We went in a car and all the way, had discussions about marriages, office life etc. The place is a cool valley. We walked down one hill and became a bit adventures and climbed another hill. It was tiring and steep. On the top we were welcomed by some nice drizzles. On the way back a couple of ox gave us some scary movements as they chased us for some time. When we reached down, we realized that we had not seen the actual water falls. We dint know that there was a water falls in that area. The falls is not from a river or so. It’s just ground water. My friend described it as “Gorilla piss”! But the specialty of this falls is that we can climb the falls. That’s a nice experience. The place has a KSTDC restaurant which serves drinks and north Indian menu.
The highlight was the musical concert from Kunnakudi. This fellow is too good. He is a proper artist. I stood and listened to him for 1.5 hrs. It was really worth the effort in the rain. He is an artist in the sense; he not only plays the violin, but makes facial expressions which are rhythmic to the nodes. That makes him not just listenable but watch-able too. Listen to some of his tunes here.
Cousins had come home and so the morning just flew away. In the evening, went to a Kannada movie “Apthamitra”. I heard that it will be remade in Tamil with Rajni as the hero! Movie has no vulgar dialogues and the ladies wear sarees only through out the movie. It’s Soundarya’s last Kannada movie. Scary at times but the songs are really very good. Vishnu in his Nike bandana is very smart. This movie is worth watching.

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