Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ramayana and Rajayana

I had written this when Rajkumar was kidnapped and released by Veerappan. I found this when cleaning my papers. Still relevant and so thot of putting in permanently in the blog ;-)
I am very sorry Lord Ram and Co. for comparing you with Raj and Co.
Modern Rajayana (The story of Raj)
Let us start off with Aranya kanda...

Ramayana: Ram went to forest because of his father
Rajayana: Raj went to forest because of his son
Ramayana: Sita was kidnapped by Ravana
Rajayana: Parvati was not beautiful enuf for Veerappan, so Raj was kidnapped
Ramayana: Lakshman went with Ram
Rajayana: Nagesh, Nagappa went with Raj
Ramayana: Sita was kidnapped because of Shoorpanaka's nose
Rajayana: Raj was kidnapped because of Puneet's granite quary
Ramayana: Sita was taken outside the country in a plane..:-)
Rajayana: Raj was not so lucky..he dint have the visa\passport
Ramayana: Sita dis not give a 2nd look at Ravana
Rajayana: Raj treated Veerappan as his brother(Anna)
Ramayana: Sita was sure that Ravana will be killed in a battle
Rajayana: Raj ensured that there was no blood shed..!!
Ramayana: Sita's rescue mission was headed by Ram aided by Hanuman and Co.
Rajayana: Raj's resuce mission was headed by Gopal aided by Karunanidthi
Ramayana: Hanuman visited Sita and gave Ram's ring
Rajayana: Gopal visited Raj and gave him Parvati's love cassettes
Ramayana: Sita sent back a token of love to Ram
Rajayana: Raj sent back video cassettes
Ramayana: Hanuman burnt Lanka and put any negotiations off track
Rajayana: Kareem went to SC and supposedly put negotiations off track
Ramayana: Hanuman and Co. built a bridge to goto Lanka
Rajayana: There was no necessity because the route was already there and was know by all!!
Ramayana: Hanuman was successful in his mission along with Ram
Rajayana: Gopal failed and so entered Hanuman II...Bhanu(Raj's so called "DEVATHE") and Nedumaran
Ramayana: Hanuman is God
Rajayana: Naedumaran and Bhanu are treated as Gods
Ramayana: Lakshmana ended with a wound and was treated by Sanjeevini
Rajayana: Who cares for what happened to the people who went with Raj
Ramayana: Ram was fit after the battle
Rajayana: Raj has ended with insect bites and tanned skin..:-(
Ramayana: Ram was welcomed to Ayodya with great festivities
Rajayana: Raj was welcomed to Bangalore with great festivities
Ramayana: Ravana and his associates were mercilessly killed
Rajayana: Veerappan and his associates were gifted for their deed
Ramayana: Ravana was the villain and died
Rajayana: GOD knows who the villain is...Raj or Puneet or Gopal or Kareem or SC or...the list never ends
Ramayana: Everything ended happily
Rajayana: Everything ended happily...even Veerappan and associates were happy

After all, we the people of India, are from the land of Gandhiji...non violence, ahimsa and what not..
After all....Gandhi is a human and Ram is GOD...Humans can never be GODs

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