Thursday, October 07, 2004

Chou Chou bath

Kannada and Other languages songs
Yesterday evening, on my way back to home, I listened to Rainbow FM channel for a change. I was the only person in the cab and the driver had switched on this channel instead of the regular RadioCity FM. I got to hear the new Uppi starrer Omkara's song. Whoever has written the song is a innovative character. The song is just "I love you" in many languages. Any person (even a Italian, as long as he knows that langauges like benagli exists!!) can understand the song. The music just blends with the lyrics. This is not new in Kannada industry. A lot of new songs are english based. On a recent team outing we played Antakshari. A north indian friend (with zero knowledge of kannada) of mine started singing a kannada song. First couple of lines is just "Excuse me, Excuse me" repeated. These songs not only have catchy tunes but lyrics too attract people of all languages. When kannada filmdom is fighting hard for getting audience, attracting people of other languages though these type of songs is a good idea. The recent Kingfisher beer's kannada advertisement "Yaake Cooldrink..." has caught people of all languages. Atleast they have learnt a new kannada word in Bangalore. I heard that the latest "I love you" SMSs are multilingual. Thanks to Bhalo Bhashi.
Don't be surprised if you are in a Bangalore pub and somebody orders 2 mugs of "Yaake"!!!!.

Yaake in Kannada means Why?

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